Poetic Philosophy Ryder

The Tightening

Skylicks from rainrunning, like doglicks

on backknees. A splay of gloryglee.

Artdrawlings fumble coolmeaning,

a forest’s soarthrust of dawn underfeet,

underplea for peacefree rhythm whispers.

Dissenters descend like Alette meeting knowbodies,

and no bodies but twirling voices thrust,

where poison black diamonds sip aether

and ether and slythrill ecstatea.

Mellowcello vibe writhes in the moor,

churchruins dooming Onegod, a style

of broomtrials unswept with the dusthate.

Foolhardy and hearty the bardy lord

roamed for lovelore but found guidinggore.

but the mission unspoiled by the crosswise lawsuit,

shirtandtie swoop for the unscience defiance

of the reprisand demand of the sea plea,

threw the mildtruth like jaggedtooth carved

your tightened torso.

By Ryder

I am a writer, furniture designer and a musician. I enjoy synthesizing information because it helps me (and hopefully others) understand subjects in a systematic way.

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